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Hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours have gone into making sure you receive world class training from the best spinal decompression doctors, researchers and teachers around. These 10 hours of intense educational training will cover almost every spinal decompression subject and question you could ask including but not limited to:

quality training

All these questions and more will be answered in our 10 Hours of training instructional DVD’s.

We even added a special bonus section called “Tips From The Pros” in which we have added tips from doctors all over the United States and Canada. We interviewed and consulted with some of the best of the best spinal decompression doctors around and have put together a special section of tips and secrets that they learned over the years that aren’t being taught in any schools or seminars. These tips and secrets have helped them see success with that 20% of patients that most doctors haven’t seemed to be able to help. These tips will change your decompression practice forever. Learn a faster and easier way to set patients up, how to prevent making certain patients worse, and how to better ensure success on even the toughest of patients.

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