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Marketing Program to Ensure Your Success

Many doctors are out there saying “My biggest problem is I need more patients walking in the door. How do I get my phone to ring?” Purchasing a table does not guarantee you will have a successful spinal decompression clinic any more than purchasing a basketball is going to make you an NBA superstar. Having the right table AND the right marketing is the foundation.

Medical Doctor Referral Packet for spinal decompression, chiropractic, and back pain relief
Clinic Brochure detailing the benefits of decompression, chiropractic, and back pain relief
Mayo Clinic Study detailing benefits of spinal decompression
Long-term effectiveness of spinal decompression
Spinal Decompression increases disc height study
Research on spinal decompression and disc herniation reduction
Patient Satisfaction with spinal decompression study
Research Reports about spinal decompression's effective and back pain relief
Trifold Mailer promoting decompression, chiropractic, and back pain relief
Protocol Booklet outlining calendar for back pain relief
Testimonials on the effectiveness of back pain relief from spinal decompression
Folder for holding spinal decompression marketing materials
Letterhead and Envelopes
Business Cards with contact info and appointment reminder
Thank You card
DVD label
Free Report about spinal decompression's effective and back pain relief
Lawyer Referral Packet
Patient Registration Forms
Patient PowerPoint Presentation
Front Desk Scripts Book
Front Desk Scripts - Beginner
Front Desk Scripts - Advanced
Front Desk Scripts - Elite
Doctors First Impression
Track Your Marketing - Beginner
Track Your Marketing - Advanced
Track Your Marketing - Elite
Establishing a Medical Feel
Getting Patient Testimonials - Beginner
Getting Patient Testimonials - Advanced
Getting Patient Testimonials - Elite
Newspaper Advertising Protocol - Beginner
Newspaper Advertising Protocol - Advanced
Newspaper Advertising Protocol - Elite
Qualify Every Patient Protocol


The Right Spinal Decompression Marketingincreased profits

Decompression Pros has been helping Doctors achieve million dollar spinal decompression practices for over 5 years. We have clients in the US, Canada, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar and England.

Purchase the DOC Cervical/Lumbar Spinal Decompression Table and get The Decompression Pros 2.0 Basic Program included for free!

Included With the Purchase of the Table:

Here Are Some of the Invaluable Techniques You Will Learn In Our Program:

bright idea in spinal decompression

More Invaluable Techniques Include:

Don’t forget about these invaluable techniques also included:

even more bright ideas in spinal decompression

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