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Doctors, Take Your Neck and Back Pain Results To the Next Level Without Adding to YOUR Time With Minimal Space And Without Lifting a Finger

Celebrities, professional athletes, and hundreds of thousands of patients have successfully been treated all over the world for their herniated, bulging and degenerated discs and chronic neck and back pain with this revolutionary, new therapy that is safe, effective and non-invasive.

RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression is

And Doesn’t Require a lot of


Spinal Decompression Table Features

The RenuvaDisc table is unsurpassed in features for the money. With one of the world’s smartest harnessing systems, unmatched patient positioning options for maximum effectiveness and a 1 year end to end warranty this table has been called “the most feature rich table on the market to date”.

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Marketing Collateral

We don’t just ship you a table and wish you “good luck”. We ship you a table then fly in and give you all the tools, systems, marketing pieces, trainings and protocols to get superior results as well as a steady stream of new patients. Decompression tables are our hobby. Making your clinic profitable is our job.

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Technique Training

Technique Training

We don’t just send you a table and then leave you hanging. That wouldn’t do our product justice and that wouldn’t be fair to you. We make it our mission to keep you up to date on all the latest research, techniques and tricks so you can offer your patients the absolute highest level of care.

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Dr. Self

“The RenuvaDisc Spinal Decompression table is the most significant therapy to happen to neck and back pain over the last 50 years. Nothing in my opinion even remotely compares to the consistent, life changing results that we get every single day from our neck and back pain patients that other doctors said they couldn’t help. If you took away my RenuvaDisc decompression tables I would have no more interest in practicing because everything else would be such a let down. If you treat neck and back pain and don't have a decompression table your are absolutely missing out!!”

~ Dr. Brian Self, Chiropractic Physician, AZ

Dr. Patel

“After 25 years of giving more than 50,000 epidural shots for neck and back pain, I decided to add spinal decompression to my pain management practice as a more permanent, longer lasting safe alternative to pills and surgery. What a difference it has made for my patients!”

~ Dr. Anil Patel, MD, Licensed Anesthesiologist

Dr. Haddad

“As a licensed neurologist I have seen some of the toughest cases of neck and back pain around. Often times patients come to me after every thing else has failed. The RenuvaDsic spinal decompression table is one of those therapies that I know that even when everything else has failed gets unbelievable results time and time again. Every day I am constantly surprised at the miraculous results my patients are seeing for their herniated, bulging, and degenerated discs.”

~ Dr. Samir Haddad, M.D., Licensed Neurologist, NY

Dr. Aftab

“The RenuvaDisc decompression table is in a league of its own. The versatility of 3-dimensional decompression as opposed to simple, linear decompression has increased our success rates with even the toughest of cases. This table will get you the best results, is extremely reliable, and will increase your clinic's profitability.”

~ Dr. Aftab, M.D. PHD

Dr. Mark Miller

“I have used spinal decompression tables since 2002 in Arizona with the traditional rope and pulley systems with costs upwards to $80k per table. Since getting my first Renuvadisc table a few months ago it is by far the best table i have experienced. Ease of setting up patients, the non slip belts, and true feel decompression pull, and the affordable price make the Renuvadisc table the only decompression table I will use from now on. Every experience on the table has been great. My patients love the results. I couldn't be happier.”

~ Dr. Mark Miller Gold Coast, Queensland

Spinal Decompression Table Features


It’s been called
“the best table for the money.”

This remarkable table features the following:

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Spinal Decompression Table Features

RenuvaDisc Pro

The RenuvaDisc Pro is just the right combination of versatility and patient “WOW factor”. With cervical AND lumbar decompression and 3 dimensional spinal decompression capabilities this table is not just impressive looking, but it also sure to get you the best results possible.


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Spinal Decompression Table Features

RenuvaDisc Elite

The RenuvaDisc Elite is the only table in the world with 10-way articulating cervical and lumbar decompression and the ability to treat by distance AND poundage. The unlimited patient positioning will ensure that best results with even the toughest of patients.

It’s many features are why this table has been called “the most advanced table in the world” with features such as

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Itrac Features

Introducing the revolutionary, new iTrac (Intelligent Traction) System that is quite possibly the most effective, advanced, computerized cervical curve restorer and forward head posture reducing technology on the market today.

The iTrac’s Patented, High Tech Design May Help

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“The Renuvadisc Advantage: 19 Reasons Smart Docs are Using the Renuvadisc Spinal Decompression System to Create Amazing Patient Outcomes and Significant Practice Growth” delivered to your inbox.

19 Reasons You Must Add Spinal Decompression


Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System

We don’t sell you a table and then wish you “good luck”. We walk you through every step, every program and every system that will make this a PROFITABLE business venture and NOT just another therapy to help a few more people.

Decompression Pros 2.0 Practice Management System

Our Marketing Program includes the following:

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Technique Training

More Than Just Equipment—We Equip YOU!

Technique Training

We don’t just send you a table and then leave you hanging. That wouldn’t do our product justice, and that wouldn’t be fair to you. We make it our mission to keep you up to date on all the latest research, techniques and tricks so you can offer your patients the absolute highest level of care.

Our Comprehensive Training includes the following:

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1 Year End-to-End Warranty


1 Year End-to-End Warranty

You will sleep like a baby knowing that your Renuvadisc spinal decompression table is covered end to end for both parts and warranty.

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