Renuvadisc Elite Spinal Decompression Table Features

Renuvadisc Elite Spinal Decompression Table

Don’t Settle for Out-Dated, One-Dimensional Decompression Systems


Made To Be the Most Advanced Table In the World Today

The Only Table in the World Containing all 3 of these Features

  1. Treats by Poundage AND Distance
    Set for distance to prevent over stretching or tearing of tight and taught non-elastic tissues giving them additional time to become elastic.
  2. 10 Way Articulating Lumbar AND Cervical
    A 10 Way articulating cervical AND lumbar section provides enhanced spinal posturing, increased patient comfort and enhanced effectiveness.
  3. On The Fly Automatic and Manual Features
    Adjust the force, angle or position WITHOUT having to stop the treatment. Auto cycling will mean more efficiency, smoother treatments, and increased comfort.

Made To Be the Most Versatile, Effective Table in the World Today

Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion and Rotation allow you to

Made To Perform

Made To Last

Made to Be Safe AND Comfortable for You and Your Patients


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